Tuesday, September 01, 2009


The liberals have said they will no longer prop up the conservatives. We could be in our fourth election in five years (granted no one much noticed the process or results of the last one).

I'm not sure I or any other Canadian really wants another election campaign at the moment. However, Ignatieff's comments give me some hope that an election this fall might be actually fought over what type of country we want:

“Our job as liberals is to give Canadians a choice,” he [Ignatieff] said. “We can choose a small Canada – a diminished, mean add petty country. That's Stephen Harper's Canada.”

Or, he said, Liberals can choose “a big Canada” that is intelligent, environmentally conscious and worldly.

“We can do better,” he said. “We can be the smartest, healthiest, greenest, hardest-working, most open-minded country there is – but only if we choose to be.”

Now i'm not sure the current Liberal crop are the people who can build a Canada like this, but I KNOW Harper and the conservatives are not.

This might be an interesting one to watch.



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