Friday, December 22, 2006





Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Mr. Prime Minister... congratulations. You win this one.

"those rare spare moments are consumed by... Reading children's books.
"Artemis Fowl. It's a book Ben and I are reading. It includes the attempts of the pixie Belinda to take over the world. It's very interesting.''

I nearly fell off my chair. BRA_VO! clap clap clap.



Friday, December 15, 2006

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS... is a cabinet shuffle

Mr. Harper might want to conduct a mini-shuffle if he feels the need to move Ms. Ambrose, who has been seen by cabinet and other senior officials as underperforming in her job. The government's environmental legislation has been widely panned for eschewing the Kyoto greenhouse gas reduction agreement. She has also twice cancelled appearances before parliamentary committees.

Underperforming is an understatment. Unless it has to do with tax cuts or afghanistan this government has been underperforming in about every possible area.

Oh and for fun check out the Rona part 1 and 2 from this link.

Monday, December 11, 2006

a very MERRY pat and liz CHRISTMAS...

So since Liz and I are still going back to see family this christmas we do what we always do and have christmas with each other before we leave. Since we both have terrible self control when it comes to keeping gifts secret and wanting to see gifts, we decided to hold christmas after we bought and put up our tree.

So for the first time in ages we bought a real christmas tree. $45 from a local lot who cut and pruned the tree to our specifications. After a small adventure involving a tree stand that was far too small for the girth of our tree and replacing it we erected the Fir and promptly decorated it. It was then time for the gifts.

I thought last year's gift was good (an easle/amateur art set) but this year was perfect. A trench coat (which I've needed since losing the other one at some point between coming back from england 2.5 years ago and now) and a pair of leather gloves. I also got some cool stocking stuff like meat bandages and chocolates.

I think Liz liked her gifts too. A bronze and pearl necklace (made to look like cranberries and leaves [trust me its nice and I hate pearls]) and a baby elephant from the David Sheldrick centre in Kenya ( I would encourage anyone interested to adopt an orphaned elephant. I've been to the site and they really take good care of these (not so) little guys.

All for now.



Friday, December 08, 2006


and surprisingly it touches Jack Layton twice. First see this paragraph from a Windsor Star article 'he' penned yesterday on climate change:

"This was just one of the embarrassing lessons coming out the UN climate change conference in Nairobi, where Canada was ranked 51st out of 56 states for our record on climate change. That's one spot ahead of Kazakhstan, Borat's fictional home country, and two spots ahead of the perennial global warming denier and climate change foot-dragger -- the United States. "

What I think Jack meant to say was that Borat was fictional... not the country of Kazakhstan which, Jack, is very much a real country. NDP foreign policy on the march... what next that fictional country of Uter... Germany, or that fictional country of Jaun Valdez, Colombia... At this rate we'll have the carebears being criticized for their work running that fictional organization the UN (although this point may have more basis in truth than the others...)

Anyway, the other STUPID is the growing controversy over Mr. Dion's dual Canada-France citizenship. Really why is this an issue. The guy has lived his whole life here, has fought most of his politial career to protect this country from itself and is now the leader of the opposition and the Liberal Party of Canada. Why is this an issue? In the US I can see, but here... aren't we past this sort of thing?

I'm going out on a pretty big limb here and going to say that in these days of a multiethnic, pluralistic Canadian society which depends on immigration for population growth, a goodly percet of our population has dual citizenship. Look at the situation in lebanon last summer. Anyway Mr. Dion's dual citizenship makes him more, not less, representative of modern Canada. It shows his immigrant roots, it demonstrates that he, like Canada, is tied to the interantional community, and that he is not afraid to be at home here and in the world.

Mr. Dion... please win the next election.



Tuesday, December 05, 2006


So I've returned from Germany.

So my luggage only return from god knows where today.

So there are two GAPING holes in the side of my bag

So my $1200 suit is ruined (i won't get into the gory details but its messy).

I wish I could say I was pissed of but really if you could see this stuff its more dumbfounding than anything else.

I've taken some photos and will now have to pursue BA for the claim. I hope it goes somewhere. I'll also have to see what insurance my credit card gives me if any.

I'm sure there's more, like the great night I spent in London on the way over to Germany but right now I'm still a little disoriented from this situation.