Thursday, February 22, 2007


Sick as a dog.

More later.



Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Going on Vacation/honeymoon.

See y'all in two weeks.



PS actually leaving tomorrow 6pm from Montreal.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We have a Wii. Its great. I haven't bought a gaming system (other than a computer) in about 15 years. However this one is really a lot of fun and worth purchasing.

Anyway due to a strange twist of fate we now have 2 Wii's. (Liz bought one yesterday at the same time Adam was buying us one as a belated wedding gift). At first I wanted to sell the other one, then Liz wanted to take it back and buy games, then I wanted to donate it to a children's hospital or to a needy kid. Then liz said that hospitals could use donations more than Wiis and that there are a lot more things that needy children need than Wii's (and that in many cases these things can be more trouble than they are worth in both situations). I took the point but am still feeling like we should be doing something. So we've basically decided to hold off buying one until we can figure out exactly what the best course of action is.

Either way I'm on a plane on Thursday, I've got a semi-private audience with Thomas Homer Dixon tomorrow, I'm going to a pub to eat drink and be merry tonight (and watch photos from the Canadian delegates to the Nairobi meeting las fall), and I'm enjoying my Wii. Life is good.



Monday, February 05, 2007


Friday night was quiet and boring.

Saturday was much better. We invited some people over for supper including Becky and her new boy Reyhan. I think we scared the poor boy as Liz and I were in fine form. He was also at the disadvantage that Adam, Becky Liz and I all have shared stories. I'm not sure if he is naturally shy or just scared. I'm guessing scared. I hope we have a chance to speak with him in a calmer sort of environment.

After a delicious meal we were off to Winterlude. We started with the ice slides in Hull including one that is mos sithum where you go tubing down the slide. Its tons of fun. The only complaint I have is that the slides aren't high enough or steep enough but then again, like EVERYTHING, in Ottawa is 'has to be family friendly'... gah! Nonetheless lots of fun.

Then we went to inspect the ice sculptures. It was an excellent time to [holy crap I think Liz just bought us a wii] to see the sculptures. The carving contest was still going on and some of this year's designs have renewed my faith in the festival. One even had fire! Others were intricate inuit style, others very intricate dragons and bears and such. One from california was really cool as it had a carved globe INSIDE of an ice egg. Don't even ask me how they did that.

Anyway it was a good night.

Last night I saw the 'the last king of scotland' the film about Ugandan dictator Idi Amin. It was good. I've always liked forest whittaker. Liz and I also went to see smokin' aces. If you want something that is best described as domino crossed with the sopranos go and see it.

Off on vaction on Thursday. Cyprus here I comes!



PS in case you are wondering about wedding stuff Jason has posted an excellent narrative on his blog (linked from my page on the right hand side).

Friday, February 02, 2007


Before I got 'sort of' married my cow-orkers (whome I actually quite like) gave liz and I a wedding gift of the romance 'chocolate and port' package at le nordik spa about 15 minutes from my house in lovely old chelsea Quebec (sorry Falco we should have taken you here - next time).

What a lovely experience. From the hot tub, to the hour long massage, to the Nordic Spa Circuit as I called it. Essentially you go the steam room or the sauna to 'open your pores'. Then you go to the cold water bath to close the pores shut tight. Then you move down to the luke warm/slightly cool pool and then to the hot pool - repeat.

The best part of this was that the atmosphere. Three pools of water (lighted blue) in a rock grotto with snow covered trees and rocks. The hot pool had steam pouring off of it into the night air. So very very relaxing. I'll definatley be back. Oh and the chocolate fondue and port were phantasmic!

On other matters: I'm pleased as can be the Sheila Fraser is taking heat over firing her environment commissioner. I'm still nto srue why we need an environment commissioner but I have enormous issues with the AG's office and how she conducts her work. Many of the accusations she leveled at the env't comm (too much advocacy, too much policy, not enough basic report) are concerns I have with the whole office from Fraser on down. Too political too advocative and probably not necessary. Parliament should have an internal oversight board which releases public data, and where thigns get out of hand we has the RCMP to deal with criminial matters.

Oh and since everyone knows how much I love the Conservative government (like a root canal without anesthetic) I have to fully support their decision to purchase new military transport aircraft both strategic and tactical. Renting support is stupid and reduces Canada's capacity to act and fully support its allies. The liberals and NDP on this one are just plain wrong.