Friday, November 28, 2008


If the children in parliament can agree to grow up, share and be civil to each other a coaltion of opposition parties would be fantastic! OUT WITH THE TORIES!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008



The world has finally invented the simpsons' baby monitor




Monday, November 17, 2008


Despite some recent difficult times my recent orlando trip and this past weekend have been a lot of fun. This weekend consisted of getting a lot of nice fresh groceries (very different from orlando), and doing some minor kitchen renovation.

Now this sort of thing still annoys the crap out of me but... the difference now is that its kind of fun to see how your personal labour can yeild good results for your home. We moved some kitchen cabinets around to make enough room to stack our washer and dryer. This all went reasonably well until the $2.99 stacking kit that was supposed to have come with the washer/dryer did not exist. What was worse is that not future shop, the bay, or sears had the damn kit which consists of 2 10 cm. brackets to help hold the dryer in place. Its so basic and simple that we assumed everyone would have it.

Now we have moved everything we need to move but can't stack the washer and dryer until we get these stupid brackets!

Nonetheless it was a lot of fun. As was the games night at glenns and just relaxing and watching desperate housewives.



Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So Liz and I took off for a long weekend to Orlando. The deal couldn't be beat which is why we ended up there. $638 USD for flights and hotel (for both of us!).

We hit up disney's animal kingdom, the magic kingdom and universal's islands of adventure theme park which was bloody fantastic.

The highlights were meeting Liz's friend mark, the Everest adventure coaster at animal kingdom, duelling dragons coaster at universal and finally getting on space mountain at disney. I also thouroughly enjoyed splash mountain which had a brier rabbit theme. We went on this one twice!

Anyway on the down side there weren't that many good deals at the Orlando outlet malls, and the planning/design of orland is very much like that of a potemkin village. All facade and no content or character.

That said we did have a lot of fun and hope to go back for more mini golf, the sky diving simulator, air boat rides and other stuff.



Tuesday, November 04, 2008


The outcome of the US election tonight was what many had predicted recently. However, despite the recent predictions let us not forget that in any other time the result achieved tonight would be impossible.

Four years ago people thought I was crazy to hope for a bush win. Which I did. I hoped for a bush win because I fully believed that transformative change in the US would not happen without hitting rock bottom which has undoubtedly happened under Mr. Bush.

We now have transformation and renewal which overshadows even the transformative Kennedy win in 1960.

No. Obama will not be able to shoot lighting from his eyes or fireballs from his arse, in short one man cannot quickly change all the world's evils. But... BUT! he will change the tone of how the world is run. He will bring understanding where there has been only arrogance. He will be able to bridge the quiet but very real european arrogance with the expectations of real results by the developing world. He will, in short revitalize American greatness and leadership in the world.

Perhaps more importantly is that Obama has the ability to do what is needed almost more than anything else, to heal the division in the US and create a truly 'united' states.

I could not be happier with the result and cannot wait until Canada gets its own obama or at least our next trudeau!



PS as for John McCain as many of you also know I am a very big fan. I was a supporter of McCain in 2000 before Bush and co. won. Until Obama was nominated I was fully behind Mr. McCain. Tonight was no doubt a disappointment on an otherwise glorious and productive career. However, McCain the maverick was corrupted by McCain the republican nominee. John McCain's concession speech tonight was more the real McCain than much of his campaign. He was gracious, conciliatory, and left the door wide open for cooperation with the new administration to promote US leadership. McCain has always put his country first and tonight was no exception. Let no one, NO ONE say he is a loser or failed stateman. He is neither this simply was not his time. His time was 8 years ago and he was screwed by his party and by the now worst president in american history. My full respect and admiration to John McCain. I would still love to have a drink with him.

Sunday, November 02, 2008


Now for those of you who know me you'll know that I am and have been a rather large fan of Sen. McCain, especially 8 years ago when he was running against W for the R nomination. This has not changed. I have an enormous respect for Sen. McCain and still feel that he, not that monkey in a suit, should have been president over the past 8 years.

However, the McCain of 2008 is not the same McCain as 2000. Sen. Obama has so impressed me since his address in 2004 that I not only hope he wins but feel history demands that he will win. It is his time and time that the world look for hope rather than fear, peace of mind rather than anger. He offers these things where McCain seems to offer nothing but the same GOP nonsense.

I cannot wait for Tuesday!

Soon I hope Canada will have a strong alternative to the governing Conservative Party which has laid the foundation to ruin our nation. It has spat on arts and culture, reneged on legally binding provisions of international law, continued to allow our health care system to degrade, provided simple cuts to the sales tax without helping anyone but those already able to afford material goods (good lord, cut income tax if you want to help people you idiots - your leader claims to be an economist but I can't see any evidence of that unless it was a degree from corn flakes university), fired independent civil servants for doing their jobs while branding them partisans which is completely without fact, and taken the easy road on softwood lumber rather than the right road among many other bloody stupid decisions over the past 2 years.

I long for the day when we can get the CPC out via as good an alternative for Canada as Obama has been for the US.

Perhaps our next election will yield such a result.